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Individual psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, children, couples and families

Sometimes life throws us unexpected circumstances and experiences that we do not know how to handle and we feel overwhelmed with trying to decide what we should do. We are all unique individuals and what is best for you may be different than what your loved ones think is best. I help you decide what is best based on your values and beliefs so you can experience more peace and happiness. 

This world can be a confusing and frustrating place, and trying to make sense of it can be difficult. Figuring out what you can control and what you can’t is an important step.   

Understanding that we are all constantly creating our future by the choices we make in the moment can be challenging. Taking responsibility for our choices and their consequences, and creating meaning for ourselves is empowerment at its best. Doing so with love, compassion, and acceptance is the heart of Heart Centered Counseling. 

Exploring and becoming your best self is a challenge for everyone, for adults and adolescents. Moving into adulthood can be challenging for those in their 20's and early 30's as they seek to define who they are. There is not a person on the planet who would not benefit from talking to a neutral third party about their problems or concerns. Getting help with personal issues is no longer a sign of weakness but a sign of emotional maturity. A broken heart or spirit may heal on its own, but the results will be faster and better with some assistance!

I start by healing and transforming the past by creating a safe, loving, and non-judgmental environment to explore whatever issues or problems are present for you. I teach you skills and tools so you can handle whatever problems come forward even after therapy is over.


In addition to "talk" therapy, I have training and education as a Master Results Coach, with certificates in Hypnosis, Advanced Neurological Re-Patterning, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Performance Consulting. 

Advanced Neurological Re-Patterning is the fastest way you can make a change in your behavior. Changing something you have wanted to change for years only takes a matter of a few hours. This is the very latest technology used in the safest, most comfortable way. 

Neurological Re-Patterning is ideal for use on the following issues and emotional states: smoking cessation, weight loss, various fears and phobias, test anxiety, procrastination, stress reduction, and many many more. 

Coaching for Various Life Stage Transitions

Life changes can be exciting, challenging and scary! I can coach you through the steps in any life cycle transition, such as:

* Graduation or leaving home
* Marriage or living with someone
* Birth of a child
* Divorce or separation
* Moving into a new home
* Death of a friend or loved one
* Job loss or job change
* Caring for ailing parents
* Loss of a pet

Coaching can be in face to face sessions or by phone. 

Couples Counseling / Marriage Counseling / Couples Therapy / Marital Therapy 

Whether married, single, straight, gay, young or not so young, all couples have differences that can lead to upset - tension, anger, hurt, loneliness, disappointment or emotional separation. Don't wait for your problems to become overwhelming or for your relationship to fall apart. Seek help as soon as possible to see if you can re-capture the attraction and feelings that brought you together in the beginning. We can work together to clarify your issues, improve communication, heal your relationship or help you find a peaceful resolution to a decision to part ways so you are both free to find more satisfying relationships with other people. 

A normal individual therapy session runs  45 to 50 minutes. We will discuss how long our sessions will be and adjust the price accordingly. 

What if only one of you wants to come to counseling and the other doesn't? Come by yourself! One person can change and improve a relationship more than you may think possible!

Premarital Counseling

Many clergy and wedding officials recommend and often require premarital counseling in order to identify possible issues and problem areas before they start. Based on my experience counseling couples with marriages in trouble, I agree. Couples who are about to marry often have intense feelings which may cause them to overlook or ignore “red flags” - alerts to differences in values, beliefs, attitudes, philosophies or expectations that can break a relationship. Premarital counseling provides an opportunity to explore the issues that might become a problem later in your marriage and to make conscious agreements that could create more harmony and cooperation instead. 

We will:

* discuss the reasons for your marriage

* explore differences in your backgrounds that can enhance your relationship/ partnership

* explore differences in your backgrounds that can cause possible arguments and difficulties for your relationship/ partnership

* discuss challenging topics such as roles of each partner, expectations, finances, sexuality, religion, conflict styles, childrearing, in-laws, blended or
   step-families, and more 

* discuss any concerns either partner may have about the future with a supportive facilitator as coach. 

The benefits of premarital counseling far outweigh the time, effort, and cost.  I offer a pre-marital counseling package which includes 6 hours of counseling sessions for $600.00. This is the amount of time usually required by clergy for pre-marital counseling. More sessions may be needed if there are already issues present which need to be resolved, including previous marriages or children from previous relationships. 

Telephone Counseling

Since some people find it difficult to come into a counseling office, I can provide assistance by phone or on computer using skype which allows us to see each other in real time. Please contact me to discuss whether this option will work for your situation. 

Types of Issues Commonly Addressed in Therapy:

Depression, anxiety and other emotional upset

While most people will sometimes feel blue, anxious or nervous, if these feelings are interfering with the enjoyment of your life, you need help. With assistance, you can explore these painful feelings in a safe setting, and resolve the issues which may be underlying these feelings. Life is too short and precious to postpone getting the help you need. With therapy you can discover your hidden strengths so you can move forward in your life. 

Stress Management, Panic Disorder and PTSD

Although stress is a normal part of life, it is uncomfortable. Panic Disorder is an intense stress reaction. Agoraphobia is an experience of panic at such an intense level that people sometimes become afraid of leaving their homes. 

Learning to manage stress is necessary for physical and emotional health and well-being. Sometimes the source of your stress can be found in your family's history, and other times it can come from your daily life. Understanding what stress is, where it comes from, and what your triggers are will begin to give you some control over it by recognizing the process and  calming yourself before things get out of control. Together we will work to reduce the intensity of your reactions through both talk therapy and neurological re-patterning which can relieve the symptoms of stress caused by trauma. 

Life Transitions

A transition can be defined as the period of time between 2 ways of being. This uncomfortable period can result from the death of a loved one, a divorce, a move to a new home or city, a change in schools or jobs, a medical condition, or any other loss or change, such as the loss of a beloved pet. Even positive changes, like a graduation, a wedding, or the birth of a baby can require challenging adjustments to ones life.  

Sometimes it takes a period of time to adjust to these challenges, to connect to your inner strength, to grow beyond the uncertainty of how you will handle these changes. Often there are other issues beneath the surface which are making the current situation feel so stressful. In therapy we will address whatever the issues are so they don't continue to interfere with your happiness and peace. 

Addictive Behaviors

Addictions often begin as an attempt to relieve feelings of anxiety, depression, trauma, loss  or other issues. But addictive behaviors, such as alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, or the internet, can become a bigger problem than the original one. Therapy will help you heal the issues underlying the addiction, even if you have attended 12-step meetings.  Unless you address the source of the problem, you are likely to slip back into your addictive behavior, or substitute another addictive behavior for the original one in an attempt to numb whatever is causing your pain. 

I feel compassion and empathy for the person caught up in the power of addiction. It is difficult to give up a behavior that is helpful in some ways even though it is harmful in other ways. We can work together to heal your pain and assist you to find better ways to deal with your situation. 

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