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AHP Association for Humanistic Psychology provides listings by state, with descriptions provided by each therapist member. The site also includes information on the history and philosophy of humanistic psychology which was founded by Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, and others.

APA American Psychological Association provides a very large website with information for both the public and professionals, including articles on a variety of topics, some free brochures, and a toll-free number, 1-800-964-2000 for connecting to a referral service in your geographical area to find a psychologist.

AAMFT American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy provides information about Marriage and Family Therapists, as well as a Therapist Locator national database of qualified therapists. 

CAMFT California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists is the largest association representing MFT's. This site answers "What is an MFT" and provides other information, as well as a Therapist Finder for licensed MFTs in California.

GoodTherapy.org - This site contains alot of information about therapy, different therapy articles, and links to other resources, including a Therapist finder directory. 

Helpguide provides expert, non-commercial information on more than 100 topics in mental health and lifelong wellness. Both mental health professionals and the public can easily find overviews here of most areas of concern, and links are provided for more in-depth information.

AllCare Behavioral Health Services - Mental Health Resource

Ageing2K - This is an organization dedicated to therapy, counseling and psychology advice for aging people's health.

American Psychological Association - A scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States.

Cyberpsych.org - This site presents information about psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and special topics such as anxiety disorders, the problematic use of alcohol, homophobia, and the traumatic effects of racism. 

Enhanced Healing - This site has relaxation music downloads, relaxation cds, royalty free music, self esteem cds, relaxation DVDs and videos and online individual and group counseling services. 

Free Mental Health Resources - A directory of free internet mental health services and resources

Getmentalhealth.com assists Mental Health Consumers in finding high quality information and resources

Guide to Psychology and Its Practise - Provides information about the practice of Clinical Psychology, especially in regard to psychotherapy ("therapy"), counseling, self-growth, and mental health in general. 

Helpself.com - Has free self help resources

Mentalhelp.net - This site promotes mental health and wellness education and advocacy.

Mytherapistmatch.com - Assists with powerful proprietary matching technology to connect people with a selection of compatible therapists in their area. 

International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology - research, development, and practice of psychoanalytic self psychology

New Center For Psychoanalysis - dedicated to psychoanalytic education and research. We offer professionals the opportunity to achieve greater understanding, effect greater results and, ultimately, obtain greater fulfillment in their careers and personal lives. 

Planet Psych - Online resource for mental health information, therapist directory

Psych Central - Independent mental health and psychology network. 

Psych Web (www.psywww.com ) - Contains introductory information about psychology and various articles. 

Psychoanalytic Center of California - Studies in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis with a particular emphasis on the exploration of the primitive aspects of the mind

Psychology Directory - Resources to various topics in Psychology

Psychwatch.com - Online Resource for Professional in Psychology and Psychiatry

Selfgrowth.com - a place for self help, self improvement and personal growth

Theravive - This is a directory of licensed and professional counselors, therapists, and psychologists.  

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